The translation process requires as much effort as the creation of original content – that is, if the writer does all the work manually without exploiting Google Translate.

Our copywriters do not use any translation tools on principle. After studying the terminology of the topic and the client’s requirements for the text, we start making a verbatim translation of the original draft.

Why should you choose WOWtexts’ translation service?

1. High quality

With our translations, you won’t find foreign grammatical constructions and odd phrasing. WOWtexts copywriters care about the integrity of language!

2. Four languages

WOWtexts writers specialize in the four most common European languages and offer their English, Ukrainian, Russian and German translation service to you.

3. Great experience

You can entrust us with the translation of technical and literary texts, instructions, documentation – more than seven years of experience has allowed us to master these languages to an advanced level.

Making the translated text identical to the original

We approach the question of the translation very responsibly. If the authenticity of the translated text is essential due to its specificity, then we will take this factor into account when producing the text, keeping the original meaning without adding or losing a word of it.

Our clients can be sure that our translations are done by professionals with more than seven years of experience.

How do we build our work with clients?

Clearing the details

First of all, we discuss all the unique properties the original text has. Our client tells us about the requirements for the translation – should they be literate or verbatim, creative or rigid. We find the perfect person for the project, calculate the translation service price and start our job.


We research the topic of the text – explore the unique terminology, phrasing, and everything else which might come in handy during translation.

All about the details

According to your requirements, we create a 100% unique and impeccable translation, produced by native speakers.

Keeping in touch

You may have already faced a situation in which, upon ordering a translation service, you got the job, but not the respectful attitude. While working on your project, we notify you on every step of progress in the working process.

Whenever you need professional translation services, thoughtful conversion, games or software localization, or even an instant translation service for chats or business correspondence – now you know who to ask for help!


Translation (Proofreading included)

Price per word

from € 0,05

Hourly rate

from € 15/hour (300 words/h)


Copywriting (Proofreading included)

Price per word

from € 0,20

Hourly rate

from € 20/hour (100 words/h)



Price per word

from € 0,02

Hourly rate

from € 30/hour (1500 words/h)



Price per word

from € 0,04

Hourly rate

from € 12/hour (300 words/h)

delivery time

1 week


3 days


48 hours


24 hours