There is no doubt that machine proofreading can’t compete with human editing. Programs are fast and free, but the best-case scenario of working with them is that you get incorrect recommendations of, for example, where the commas should be placed.

WOWtexts offers editing services for clients, who want to make their writing style absolutely flawless. We examine the topic of your text and rigorously search for areas which could be improved.

What mistakes can we edit?

1. Tautology. We delete or replace frequently occurring adjectives, verbs or nouns with synonyms.

2. Missing punctuation marks. By adding exclamation marks, colons, dashes, and commas, we better structure the text and increase its readability.

3. Foreign grammatical structures. This is a common mistake in texts that were translated without being reviewed by skilled copywriters.

4. Its and it’s. A small mistake, but one which can put your business reputation under question.

5. Missing or misplaced definite articles. To put or not to put the before a noun? We know the answer.

6. Wrong word usage. Overused adjectives can make your text seem banal. We can replace those words with their less common, yet more expressive, siblings.

7. Style. Clipped phrases’n’words aren’t something your business partners want to see in their official documentation.

We offer editing services for free whenever you request our copywriting or translation assistance. If you need help with editing specifically, contact us to arrange the details and start your cooperation with our experienced writers.


Translation (Proofreading included)

Price per word

from € 0,05

Hourly rate

from € 15/hour (300 words/h)


Copywriting (Proofreading included)

Price per word

from € 0,20

Hourly rate

from € 20/hour (100 words/h)



Price per word

from € 0,02

Hourly rate

from € 30/hour (1500 words/h)



Price per word

from € 0,04

Hourly rate

from € 12/hour (300 words/h)

delivery time

1 week


3 days


48 hours


24 hours