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Writing: a Beginner’s Guide to Success. Part 2

#Step 2: Write!

Write in the day. Write in the night… voice typewrite… Write by pen, by computer and last but not least from the heart.

What and Why?…

Here’s what!

If you write from the heart you will feel good about your work. Writing becomes an extension of your identity. Producing a piece of writing that you believe has a purpose takes time to make and heart to stick to but more importantly it requires for you to start. Just as Beethoven did not compose his symphonies in one day in one rehearsal, your writing has the potential to influence people for the greatest good for many years to come but only if you are working towards progression. That’s part of what keeps a writer alive.

The first point made in this article was that you have to know your reasons for writing. With that said the number one ‘how to write skill’ is not knowing. It is doing. To do well at anything in life you must just DO IT. You may find that you enjoy writing and you may find that developing yourself which accompanies writing akin to Pringles (once you pop you can’t stop).

We are so lucky. We live in an age of opportunities. The world is your oyster you just need to learn how to be a fish. Throw yourself in deep water (you could start a writing business). Maybe test the waters (try many types of writing). Be that fish who swims like a shark (don’t swim backward).

So you want to be a writer still? Inside you may currently be asking yourself some seemingly unanswerable questions like ‘Can I even write? ’ or “Am I good enough”. The point is that to actually know the answer you have to try. To be a writer you need to apply the right tools and always develop your skills so that you are always good enough by your own standards.


Before I started ‘officially’ writing I met a 23-year-old writer through a friend. Amethyst. A lovely and inspirational person. She was younger than me and had become a top-selling author in less than a year on Amazon. I had already been working on my first writing project, a book which I am still working on now,( four years later LOL!) but I had never dared to actually write publically. I had to ask her how did she do it.

She was from a similar background to me. We both came from so-called ‘deprived’ educational backgrounds. I had struggled my way through uni as a single parent with poor spelling, grammar and formatting which always lowered my grades to just below the top and reduced my confidence as a result of this. I ‘knew’ I had never learned correctly in the early and so-called most important years so I believed that I would never have the knowledge to write with good SPAG. That’s a false preconception which many are conditioned to believe. What actually happens is that the more time you put into writing the easier the skill becomes. The beauty of the Internet is that you can check your work against pre-existing knowledge and rules about writing. In other words, every time you write – you learn.

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Consistency is your greatest asset aside from the Internet. If you want to write you need to make writing a discipline. Make a habit of writing and you will be amazed at what you can do! Writing skills can grow so strong, so fast, with the correct nurturing (or rather, use of the skills).

Writing may increase synaptogenesis (an aspect of brain growth) which occurs as we learn. Growth capacity depends on the reason you attach to writing. Applying the pen to paper regularly will give you an idea of how much you can push yourself through the struggle and towards the rewards.


Push yourself to just write. To be a writer- write!

Not sure where to begin? You could start with journaling. Journaling is a form of idea mapping that can not be underestimated. If you write down your ideas they strengthen your ability to hold a vision. Also you are already writing.

Personal journals are just one of the many other ways that you can begin to write. If you don’t already know your niche then it is important to avoid limiting yourself. Explore the field of writing until you have a firm idea about what you want, the subject you want to write about or what and your writing styles should be considered.

Reading is another essential part of writing.

Like most students I used to read the bare minimum to pass exams because that felt to be the nature of academic expectation. To be a writer though, you need to read! It is essential. Think about it like this: writing is an expression of information in words. In order for the expression of your words to flow its essential to have formed a strong perspective or story which can easily be articulated and is relevant to the writing at hand. Reading will help you develop this.

Finally; you may struggle to find your niche or to know what to write. Not everyone needs a niche, some people enjoy taking on every kind of new writing, but to know what you like to write about you have to try.

#3 be resourceful… read, learn and grow with everything that is available to you.

Do you reaaaally want to know how to write? …If you want to you will.

You must be resourceful to develop your own ideas and writing style. The way you communicate your ideas is called your voice but you can’t develop and share a voice which has not been spoken to be heard.

Read the whole article? So you still want to be a writer? Then off you go! 🙂

You could begin your writing career with WOWtexts and have your work published worldwide. You can also use Freelance websites such as Upwork or Fiver.

Wishing you all the best!

Post Author: Kimberley Michelle Barr

Article written by Kimberley Michelle Barr. Author is a single parent, a student, a Biology lecturer in College and a Freelance writer, cleaner and singer.

Kimmy has a very big dream. She hopes to learn all of her lyrics in many languages. The aim of her project is to prove or disprove the concept of synchronicities with numbers, as well as to enjoy the beauty of foreign lyrics.

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