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E-Commerce Sites: 8 Easy Tips to LEVEL-UP Your Instagram Account

Instagram is usually being used by businesses, whether starting small and with established names already for their marketing strategies. This is the best platform where e-commerce entities get to post some of their most catchy photos which give them the edge to attract customers to click their websites to see a complete listing of their products.

If you’re trying to leverage your sales with social media, majority of your plans should center on using Instagram. If your business is into it but not bringing in the sales you’ve always targeted, isn’t that a warning for you to review and rehash your marketing strategies and make a complete 100-degree turn on how you’re making use of the application?

Here are some tips for e-commerce marketing on Instagram, even  if you’re just a newbie or if you want to attract higher sales:

1. Your Photo Gallery Should Mirror the Lifestyle Image You Want

What your market wants is that their own lifestyles are being mirrored on your Instagram account. Or, perhaps they wish to see in the photos the lifestyle snippets they’re trying to reach. Your product attracts a niche – a specific type of individual so the images you show should always focus on your market’s lifestyle or how they want to be in it at the moment.


2. Highlight Your IG Account with Reposts from Customers

Your customers will put a hashtag mentioning your brand on Instagram. Monitor and highlight these @ mentions of your product. Who’s doing this type of thing? Most likely a big number of your faithful customers. To keep them patronizing and adoring your products and perhaps, be your brand advocates in the future – ensure that you acknowledge them by posting their own photos in your IG account.



3. Put a Human Touch in your Brand and Company

Your brand should speak well of your company and your Team. You can always put that “human touch” in your brand. Include photos of your Team members in their most unguarded moments, the pets you have in your office and the staff who are actually loving your products. This will tell them that you’re not just after the profits; you are actually reaching to them on a more individual basis.



4. Post Photos of Top Pop Icons of Your Customers

Try to include photos of the favorite top icons of the TV and movie industry which your market are excited about in your IG posts. See that they will be lured entirely into your brand in no time. They will not just follow but even engage with you on the platform as you increase your posts on this stuff which truly matter to them. They would be able to identify with your brand more as you constantly make use of their top choices for pop culture icons.



5. Be Creative with Hashtags in your Posts

It is important that as you post the eye-catching photos, you’ll also need to make those creative hashtags that go well with these images in your feeds. You should begin by writing distinctive hashtags exclusive to your brand. But you need to add the most popular hashtags as well. To search for those hashtags that are popular, go find and check out the most common accounts that your customers follow so make use of them.



6. Provide Doses of Inspiration to Your Followers

Some will follow Instagram sites mainly because they believe and use their products. But you’d be surprised to know that a number of your followers will appreciate seeing inspiring quotes and photos in your posts, too. They would love to see posts that are full of positivity and motivation which make them see you in an interesting light rather than the usual, repetitive feeds that you have.



7. Provide the Framework to Your Products

Try to up your game by posting varied images of your products, like on how these could be used easily and spontaneously by your customers. Not all of them will be aware of how to apply in their own lives based on just the photo feeds that they see from you. You need to set at times the framework from which your customers can easily appreciate the value of your products and how these can make meaningful contributions in their activities and in their everyday existence.  



8. Work Out Photo Contests that Your Followers Can Join

Customers will love the idea that they’re part of your brand journey. As their likes and comments on your feeds become more frequent, this means they’re truly engaged. That’s a good sign for you to realize that they could be part of your feeds. How? One way to achieve this is to work out a photo contest where you’d ask them to join and make captivating posts which will give you great feeds at the same time. A win-win situation it is.



Instagram is the way to go and grow for e-commerce. As it relentlessly helps brands engage with their customers, this platform is also on the rise as the best marketing tool since it expands your audience. Now is the time to make that solid build-up of followers for your e-commerce store through Instagram.   


Have you made that choice using Instagram as a marketing strategy? Please drop us a few lines on the most effective schemes you’ve achieved in the comments section below.

Post Author: Carina de Pano

Carrie is a retired Telecommunications professional who is now into freelance content writing. She dreams of owning a coffee place with books or crafts someday. She enjoys good reads, long walks, road trips and travelling with her dear husband. One of her bucket lists is to stroll around, see and feel all these European Christmas Markets.

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