If you’re constantly in search of catchy texts for your website or blog (catchy both for search engines and readers), then we’re here to end that search. After working with WOWtexts copywriting company, you won’t ever doubt again who to call when new projects fall into your lap.

Rivalry among websites is growing exponentially: the more resources become available, the harder it is for already existing competitors to stay at the top of Google search results.

Luckily, every WOWtexts copywriter knows the secret formula of how to get yourself in high-frequency search requests, and the main ingredient of this popularity potion is unique & qualitative & SEO-optimized content.

Why choose WOWtexts over other copywriting services?

1. Variety of topics

We are professionals in many areas. Cryptocurrency, travel, sports, politics, and the economy are only a few of the topics we have had an opportunity to work in. If our client requests a topic we haven’t dealt with yet, they can be sure that in no time our writers will become experts in it.

2. SEO-copywriting

We know how to turn content into money. SEO-copywriting is the sacred skill of our content gurus, and this skill will carry your website to the peaks of Google search.

3. Social media

We’d love to communicate with your readers via social media! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can all bring real buyers to your business, which is the truth our clients learn after only a few weeks of cooperation with WOWtexts.

4. Four languages

We have mastered four languages, so not only will your copywriter English request be satisfied by our professionals immediately – but we can also offer Russian, Ukrainian and German content creation

How do we build our work with clients?

Imbue content with the spirit of the brand

By carefully studying all the available materials related to the topic, we can build an understanding of what results our clients want to see, and what may be the most efficient solution for their particular case.

Communicate in the same language

Of course, we offer multilingual content writing. However, what we actually mean here is that we examine your followers and publish only those materials that will invoke the maximum response from your target audience.


WOWtexts writers don’t create conventional content – we craft creative and outstanding marketing texts. We approach the question of uniqueness very strictly: you won’t find a single line written by us that isn’t 100% original.

Timeline and progress

We notify all of our customers on the progress of his/her project – each step can be supervised and directed by you individually. Our clients don’t just put in their orders and wait around unsure while the deadline approaches. WOWtexts wants you to feel totally comfy while the professionals handle your work.

Deadlines – more like DEADLINES

Some copywriting services may be afraid of them, but not WOWtexts – we are awesome at time-management. Our German, Russian, Ukrainian and English copywriters can work to a very tight timeline, all while producing top-quality content catered entirely to your needs.

So, what does WOWtexts offer you?

SEO-copywriting, maintaining social networks, website content creation, ghostwriting, translation, advertisement planning, email marketing and tons of other creative work.

Contact us to find out about all the pros you will get by choosing WOWtexts copywriters as your loyal assistants!


Translation (Proofreading included)

Price per word

from € 0,05

Hourly rate

from € 15/hour (300 words/h)


Copywriting (Proofreading included)

Price per word

from € 0,20

Hourly rate

from € 20/hour (100 words/h)



Price per word

from € 0,02

Hourly rate

from € 30/hour (1500 words/h)



Price per word

from € 0,04

Hourly rate

from € 12/hour (300 words/h)

delivery time

1 week


3 days


48 hours


24 hours